Mohd Tajul Izrin 

BSc (Hons) 08/01 2016, Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia



Hillside Recreation Hub

The student centre utilises the understanding of Bio-inspired design as part of the design development process. It is a technological-oriented approach focused on putting nature's lessons into practice. Therefore, the scheme sought to capture the site's rich hill landscaped surroundings, by translating a natural ethos into building design through biomimicry. This growing understanding of the sloping hills' properties and the imitation of water and wind channeling in nature's model could inspire new green technologies in energy-saving and provide extensive recreational programs to the users. While the building may provide spaces to improve students' health through integrated physical workout facilities, it can also harvest natural resources all day long. This will drastically diminish the usage of artificial energy and maximise renewable energy to achieve a well efficient sustainable building.